Belinda and her bench

I 'm Belinda Beaudoin Baron, the owner and designer for Atelier B. I'm a self taught artist who has been involved in metal working for over 20 years. I originally started out designing jewelry and eventually developed the line of decorative hardware presented on our web page. Each item in the collection is first sketched on paper and then the model is carved directly out of metal by hand. Carving the model out of the same metal it is cast in gives me the ability to really see and feel what my final design will be. The way the light plays off the metal and whether the edges are smooth and comfortable is what determines if I am finished with a piece or not. People comment that although they are initially attracted to the way an item looks, they are pleased to find that it also feels really good in their hand.

Atelier B casts all of our designs in an ultra pure food grade non-toxic alloy of pewter with silver in it. The weight and likeness to cast silver is noticeable, however, it will not tarnish and costs a fraction of what a similar item in pure silver would. Our manufacturing processes produce almost no waste and we hand finish every item. Every item is "cast to order" so we never send you hardware that have been laying around or that arrived in a crate from some foreign factory. Everything is created in our Texas hill country studio and quality is our number one priority.

Here are some pictures I took from my studio of the beautiful Texas Hill Country skies.The colors never cease to amaze me! (No, they aren't "photoshopped"! It's really that color!)

Hill Country Skies