Atelier B is a small designer owned business that specializes in the creation of fine cast pewter/silver hardware. We have been in business for over 20 years.

All of our hardware is cast by hand in our studio and finished to order.
  • All items are available in the metal they are cast in - ultra fine pewter mixed with silver.
  • We do not electroplate (bronze,brass or copper) for environmental reasons - however, the finish on each design is unique to that design and often combines many different types of reliefs. We do not "mass" finish anything.
  • The lead time is approximately 3-6 weeks.
  • The center to center's are what they are - in other words, not standard. Therefore, if your holes are already drilled, we probably can't help you. HOWEVER, sometimes holes can be discreetly covered up by the hardware, so please contact us if you see something that might work and we'll let you know whether it will or not.
  • Every item is inspected carefully before shipping. It is important that you read the enclosed instructions regarding installation - we are not responsible for damage caused by incorrect installation by either the purchaser or anyone installing our hardware on their behalf. In the case of a faulty item, we will replace that item. There are no refunds on orders. Cancellations after production has started will incur a 25% fee.